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20th Century Fox Gave Him $25,000 To Make A Movie Trailer. Here’s What He Did Instead.

Somewhere between the ridiculous voice-overs and their identical forms, I started dreading previews at the movies. This trailer though, if you can call it that, raises the standard.

22 Fascinating But Weird Things That Are Happening Around You As We Speak

22 Fascinating But Weird Things That Are Happening Around You As We Speak

Our world is full of weird and wonderful happenings, many unbelievable things happy on a daily basic but if it doesn’t happen near your you probably wont hear about it. Here are 22 very weird things that have been happening around the world, I bet you didn’t know any of these.

These pictures will leave you gobsmacked and speechless.

1) This supersonic jet prototype uses external cameras and…

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24 Reasons Why Japan Is Seriously Strange But Undeniably Awesome

24 Reasons Why Japan Is Seriously Strange But Undeniably Awesome

Japan has one of the worlds leading economies, it is ahead of the rest of us in technology and manufacturing high-end goods, It has an amazing cuisine and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to visit it. Along with all this brilliance, it has another, very strange side, of bizarre trends and wacky inventions.

Here are 24 examples of why Japan is so brilliantly strange:

1) Bizarre sexual cartoon…

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Watch This Dog’s Adorable Apology After He Steals A Baby Girl’s Toy

Watch This Dog’s Adorable Apology After He Steals A Baby Girl’s Toy

“Oh s**t” moments are not just human – they are common to the entire animal kingdom. When Charlie the adorable beagle took his owner’s daughter’s toys away, she immediately protested, and he sprang into action to apologize!

The way Charlie decided to fix his mistake was hilarious. He began piling toys into Laura’s baby chair, returning the toy he took with considerable interest. The little girl…

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Kids Doing Stuff For The First Time

Kids Doing Stuff For The First Time

Wearing headphones for the first time:


First photobomb:

First time holding his little sister:

First time playing in the rain:

Writing the first letter home from camp:

First time at Hooters:

First time getting ready for a date:

First time trying baby food:

First time seeing a toad:

First time driving a car:

First time meeting a dog:

First time in the sprinklers:

First time meeting a deer (and…

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These 26 Baby Photos Are So Bad, They’re Good. LOL.

These 26 Baby Photos Are So Bad, They’re Good. LOL.

Admit it. Every pic your friend posts of her baby on Facebook is not the cutest thing in the world. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to “Like” them. Well, you don’t have to like these… but we kinda love them.

Ranging from angry to surprised to future evil genius, these babies were immortalized in some not-so-pretty (yet counterintuitively adorable) poses.

182784_10_63991_full_full Allison_G._from_Logansport__Indiana__full bad_baby_photo_full bad-baby-photo_full-1 bad-baby-photo.png_full bad-baby.png_full Heather_Atkinson-Rossi_Hamilton__CA_full Jennifer_DiPatrizio_from_Tampa__FL_full Jennifer_Sevilla_from_Bellflower__CA_full Jessica_Piotrowski_from_Kentwood__MI_full Jill_Boyes_rev_full Josee_MacHattie_full Katie_Pease_from_Logan__UT_full Kealey_Steadman_from_Lake_Dallan__TX_full Kim_Sturm_from_Duncan__Canada_full Kristin_Trumble_from_San_Juan_Capistrano__CA_full Lori_Lauck_from_Indianapolis__IN_full Mandie_Tollefson_full Marcus_Sheilds_from_Lehi__UT_full Michelle_Koidis_from_Mount_Albert__Canada_full Nicole_S._from_Montgomery__Alabama_full Olivia_Jensen_from_Calgary__Canada_full Robin_Hulsey_from_Evansville__IN_full Sara_Ashley_full Sent_in_by_Emma_W.__full Shannon_Dekonski_full

Scouted via Ellen

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Abandoned Dog Traveled 4 Miles Every Night – So They Finally Followed Her and WOW

Abandoned Dog Traveled 4 Miles Every Night – So They Finally Followed Her and WOW

The human race still has a very long way to go when it comes to the treatment of animals. Things are changing, however, as more people are starting to realize that most beings on this planet, if not all beings, share something in common within their hearts; love, care, emotion, altruism, affection and consciousness. We are talking about living, breathing, feeling beings that are extremely…

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15 Times Siri Rebelled Against Life With Hilarious Results

15 Times Siri Rebelled Against Life With Hilarious Results

Siri – our own personal PA – is built into our iPhones and can be very handy indeed. The state of the art technology means you can achieve a lot with just the touch of a button. It is great for checking and editing your diary, voice control, learning new things, the list is huge. But what some people are not aware of though, is Siri’s brilliant sense of humour. Here’s 15 of the best.

1) Sleep…

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